Greening Recap

There are very few (if any!) music cruises that set sail with so much attention put into making sure it's the most conscious voyage of the year. It takes everyone doing their part to continue to raise the bar and we hope you will join us in keeping the ship clean, participating in panel discussions, volunteering with Positive Legacy, minimizing the waste that you produce by only briniging what you need, limiting or elimintaing disposable travel products, using the Jam Cruise waste stations to pre-sort your recyclables and compostables, and bringing your own re-fillable water bottle. If you forget yours, there are stainless steel water bottles, pint glasses and growlers in the merchandise store. 

Looking Back at Jam Cruise 13

There are very limited areas where smoking is allowed on board. In greening HQ, smokers have been able to pick up a Pocket Ashtray to "Keep Your Butts Off the Deck." 

Thank you to Goddess Garden for providing us with reef safe/health safe sunscreen to share with our Jam Cruise friends this year!

Big thanks also goes to Oskar Blues CAN'D Aid Foundation for granting us a new way of sorting our recycling and compost by providing us with clear streams to go into our tents! We saw that our new system of: Recycling, Cups, Aluminum was a very effective way for us to sort our recycling and compost cups.  

Volunteers and the Greenwill Costume Exchange

We had a great turnout in our greening volunteers this year.  It only took a few hours out of your trip to help us out. Congrats to our volunteer Kera who won the prebook for JC 14! The Greenwill Costume Exchange was also wildly popular! We can't wait to see how this grows year after year. Thanks to all of you that participated and brought some fancy duds to donate.  

The Sweetwater Solar Stage

The Caribbean sun shining down, lighting up our hearts and literally running lights and pumping the tunes from the Sweetwater Solar Stage. And we can grow it! There's lots of room on our Ship to mount solar panels, so look for this program to continue to expand and increase this demonstration of using renewable energy to power to offset the diesel generators. Let the sunshine!  

Recycling and Composting program

What happens when you combine innovative sorting stations and educated passengers? You improve the waste diversion of your Cruise. Our waste management greening strategy elevates the conventional ship system by sending pre-sorted material to the ships waste and recycling room. This assists MSC staff in the final sort insuring clean waste streams are delivered to the Waste Management Broward County recycling facility.

Jam Cruise 13 by the numbers:

compost: .86 tons

glass: 7 tons

aluminum: .93 tons  

Conscious Cruiser Program – Take the pledge, take a stance

Selflessly Serve
Volunteer for Greening and Positive Legacy. Change happens at the grassroots and is for the people by the people. Volunteer on Jam Cruise 13 by contacting us at

Leave a Positive Legacy
Seek, support and respect local cultural and custom. I won't get sucked into tourist traps and other business that see little profit to the local people.

Consciously Consume
Give attention to what I bought and brought aboard the ship. My products do not harm the ocean environment such as coral reefs, which some sun blocks do. I'm aware of single use items. I reuse my compostable cups and will hang up my towel and use it tomorrow.

Leave No Trace
Put waste in its place and understand what to recycle, compost and trash. I walk lightly when exploring the islands keeping in mind beach grasses and the delicate plants were there first. 

“I should express first my being impressed by the initiatives already undertaken and accomplished on Jam Cruise. It is impressive to see the success Greening Jam Cruise have had in impacting the practice of the cruise line (especially as regards reducing/eliminating use of plastic and styrofoam, a focus on recycling, and demonstration of use of renewable energy). I believe you have established a role model for others wishing to “green” cruise ships they charter for events or activities.”

- Ross A. Klein, PhD is an internationally recognized authority on the cruise ship industry, commissioned to write four reports for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, two reports for Bluewater Network/Friends of the Earth, and has more than a dozen articles and book chapters.